The Thompson M1928A1 is a submachine issued mostly to U.S. NCO's during WW2. It was also given to other countries such as Britain under the Lend-Lease policy. It has a high fire rate but high recoil. It was very costly to make, and saw less use in U.S. forces than it's cheaper counterpart, the Thompson M1A1.

It is currently the weakest submachine gun in Arcade Mode to offset it's high capacity.

Iron Sights:

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Attachments Edit

The Thompson M1928A1 has two applicable attachments.

Thompson Vertical Grip Edit

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This is the classic "Gangster Handgrip" for the Thompson. It reduces recoil slightly.

Cutts Compensator Edit

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The Cutts Compensator reduces recoil. It also makes the barrel look slightly longer.