How to Play Edit

Upon starting or joining a game of Team Deathmatch, press M to choose a side: Allies or Axis.

You will then spawn with an FP-45 Liberator, the worst weapon in the game. Press . to open a menu where you can select any weapon you wish for.

Note: Unless you have the FP-45, you will not receive the new weapon you chose until you die.

How to set up a match Edit

  1. First do /ww2Gamerule gameType TDM
  2. Second, get the Selector tool from the WWII Misc Tab. Shift-Right Click it to change it's mode to set TDM spawnpoints(Note that set lobby mode does not yet work)
  3. Right Click all the places that you wish to become spawnpoints. On death players will randomly spawn on a teamate, but if there is none or the game just started there needs to be a bunch of random spawnpoints. Press F3 to open the debug menu if you wish to visually see where the spawnpoints are.
    2016-08-13 16.55.14
    Now you have everything ready. Unless you want to configure some options, do /startGame

Config Options Edit

There are multiple commands for configuring a game of Team Deathmatch. These are:

Note: Every command starts with /ww2Gamerule

axisLifePool - Set the amount of lives the Axis have before they lose

allyLifePool - Set the amount of lives the Allies have before they lose

axisBotCount - Set the amount of bots the Axis have

allyBotCount - Set the amount of bots the Allies have

countBotDeaths - Whether bot deaths will take away from the life pool

bleeding - Whether bleeding can be inflicted

arcadeMode - Guns swap the realistic damage for more balanced damage and removes damage dropoff.

teamDamage - Whether teammates can damage eachother

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