Setting up Classes Edit

First do /editClasses to open up the class editing Gui.

2016-08-17 08.46.19

Click New to add a new class. This will add a new class named "New Class". Click on the button titled "New Class" and this gui will open up.

2016-08-17 08.57.23

The first row on the left is primary weapons. The next two rows are the ammunition types selectable for those weapons. The last three rows are the attachments selectable for those weapons. The right side is the same exact thing, except for sidearms. The bottom left column is for melee weapons, the leftmost on the bottom right is for explosives, and the farthest right is the clothing for that class.

The text field that says "New Class" is for renaming the class. The text field that says 4.0 is for the classes supply points. I recommend 4.0 for regular classes, 1.0 for medics, and 5.0 for Corporals.

The top button to the left is for setting whether the class is choosable by Axis or Allies. The button below that is for setting the class type. The types are:

  • Normal
  • Medic-comes with 10 bandages and morphine
  • Paratrooper-comes with a parachute
  • Commander-comes with binoculars. Eventually will be able to do more like call artillery and give orders

Click save to get back to the list of classes once again and save your work. Now click on the Edit Cost button to open up this gui.

2016-08-17 08.58.28

This gui is used to change the supply cost of each item. If you didn't change it, the default supply points that the class has is 4.0. I usually make Frag Grenades cost 0.5, the trench knife 0.3, and for the rifleman class I usually keep the Garand and Springfield free, since those were standard issue. But you can do it however you want, and could have it based on balance instead(i.e. the Garand costs more supply points than the Springfield). Next you will want to set the supply cost of your gun's ammo and attachments. Click on the name of one of your guns to open up a gui to do so.

2016-08-17 08.59.04

As you can see for this class I have set the supply cost of both the ammo and the attachment to what I saw fit. Obviously yours will probably be a bit different. Once you do this for all your weapons, you have set up a class! Press "M" to choose the side that you made the class for, and then press "," to select the class you just made. That way you can test out the loadout of your class and see if it feels right. Good Luck!

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