Creation Edit

First of all, go to your .minecraft folder. If you have ever launched the game with Call to Battle installed there should be a "Call to Battle" folder. This is where some saved data as well as content packs are stored. First, create a folder and name it whatever you like.

This will be your content pack, all the content of the pack will go inside this folder. You can change it to a .zip or .jar for releasing, it's just easier to deal with as a folder during creation. Next you will have to add content.

Content Edit

Materials-This category of item is just a item with a texture that does nothing. Will likely be used for crafting recipes, so it is named "materials"

Modeling Edit

Currently there is only one way to make a model, with any program that supports .obj. This allows for complex models, but also unfortunately requires a lot of messing around to get everything positioned properly in-game. I am working on support for the following to make things easier:

Toolbox Edit

Toolbox is the modeling program for Flans mod. Support for this means you can easily make use models from Flans for this mod, and also since it is made specifically to support gun models, less positioning will be required. The only problem is I need permission to use the source code for Flan's version of TurboModelThingy.

CTB Model Designer Edit

CTB Model Designer is the official model creation program for the Call to Battle mod. It was used to create all the models seen in the default guns that come with the mod.

Right now it is only used for personal use because of it's glitchyness that the community would not be able to handle. Also, it basically only creates default minecraft models with the addition of float values. However, I have already begun work on making each vertex of the square movable, allowing for more detailed models and less hassle with rotation. Once bugs are ironed out and vertex movement is finished I will release it to the public.

What should I use? Edit

To help you figure out which program you should use here is a list of Pros and Cons of each:

Blender(For .obj models) Edit

Pros: Edit
  • Allows for highly detailed models
  • Already released, no waiting before being able to make models
Cons: Edit
  • Steep learning curve
  • A lot of work getting things positioned properly in-game

Toolbox Edit

Pros: Edit
  • Easy to navigate sleek interface
  • Many people have already made Flan's mod models with it already that they can transfer over
  • Already Released
Cons: Edit
  • Can't be as detailed as blender(doesn't matter much in minecraft)
  • I don't have the permssion for it's version of TMT, therefore if you make models now, there's a chance they will never be usable, but one of the devs of Flan's says it's likely Flan will give permission.

CTB Model Designer Edit

Pros: Edit
  • The Official Modeling Program for CTB, which means less hassle getting things working post model creation!
  • Easy to navigate simple interface
Cons: Edit
  • More bugs
  • Not as sleek interface as the other programs, and not quite as convienient in controls.
  • Not yet released

If you aren't already experienced with blender, don't even try to learn it for the sake of making models for this mod. It will just frustrate you beyond belief. Otherwise, if you are prepared to exchange the hassle of restarting the game multiple times to see if it's positioned correctly in exchange for beautiful models, go right ahead!

Toolbox is good for most people, but has a slight learning curve. The biggest problem is the fact that I don't have permission to Flan's TMT, so there is a chance that your models will become useless. I will look into a way to convert it to a CTB model instead though. Might contain slight messing around with positioning after.

CTB Model Designer might not be the best quality, but is easy for everyone to use! Being the supported modeling program for CTB, it should have minimal positioning post model creation! To help with positioning, I will release every model in the mod for reference, or for building off of so that you can be sure that when you drop it in the game it's going to be positioned properly!*

*Each gun has unique ironsights so when making your own ironsights there is a chance that you will have to reposition the in-game ironsight position, but that's no big deal really.

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