These are the different possible commands for configuration. Each command starts with /ww2Gamerule


arcadeMode - Gun damage is based on balance rather than realism

bleeding - Whether players can bleed when shot, bit, or entangled in barbed wire

blockDestruction - Whether rocket launchers will destroy blocks

breakGlass - Whether guns can shoot out glass

placeFlames - Whether flamethrowers place flames on the ground

infiniteMgs - Whether fixed mgs can be reloaded indefinitely

nametags - Whether player nametags are visible

realisticZombies - Whether Zombies die in one shot in the head and take little damage elsewhere

fullWeight - Whether you are slowed down by all the guns in your inventory

Game ModesEdit

gameType - Which game mode is currently running

allyBotCount - The amount of bots on the Allied side

axisBotCount - The amount of bots on the Axis side

allyLifePool - The amount of lives that the Allied side has

axisLifePool - The amount of lives that the Axis side has

genericBotCount - The amount of bots in gamemodes without teams, such as Arms Race or Free for All

allyIcon - The Icon which will show up for Allied bases, such as us or uk

axisIcon - The Icon which will show up for Axis bases

baseWorth - How much reinforcements bases will give/take you if you capture/lose it

countBotDeaths - Whether bot deaths affect life pools

giveMoney - Whether kills add to money counter, used for shops in various gamemodes

mapBounds - How large the map is, going outside of it gives a leaving battlefield warning. The map bounds will be the minimum and maximum x and zs of the different spawnpoints and bases, plus whatever this is set to

tdmmenu - True by default. In certain gamemodes such as Team Deathmatch, if this is on it will take the place of the class system and let you choose one primary and one secondary.

teamDamage - Whether you can damage teammates

ffaKills - How many kills a player needs to get in Free for All to win

attackingSide - Which side is attacking in Assault. 1 = Allies 2 = Axis

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